Pneumatical pump produces cleansing foam powered by compressed air.
Cleaning product can be pumped directly from the container or canister.
Foam consistency is adjustable by several parameters and adjustments.
Application of the foam to the surface by a stainless steel spray lance with fan nozzle.


To take the system into service, immerge the stainless steel immersion tube of the pump into the cleaning liquid container and connect compressed to the cabinet connection. Air supply is regulated by a pressure reducing valve. The cleaning liquid is pumped out of the container by a piston pump and becomes foam by addition of compressed air. This foam can be applied by the hose line and the connected lance. The foam production can be regulated by diaphragm valve and pressure reducing valve. The lance is supplied with a fan nozzle. Foam consistency can be regulated by compressed air – at 5 bar the foam is dryer when the reducing valve is closed. If the reducing valve is opened the foam consistency is wet and foam quantity is higher. At ari pressure above 5 bar, the foam quality is regulated with the air quantity regulator. p>

Technical details:

Compressed air : 200 l/min bei 4 bar
Air quality: Ölfrei
Working pression: 3,5 bis 10 bar
Air connection: R1/4“ AG
Product outlet: M22x1,5
High: 1,30 m

Weight: 14 kg


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